“I was in pain every day and was also worried about being so dizzy that I would pass out,” says Sherri.  She tried doctors and a physical therapist to solve her hip pain and dizziness.  A neighbor told Sherri about NUCCA care.

With NUCCA care, Sherri’s dizziness is improved 100%.  Her hip bursitis is better as long as she is holding her alignment.  She reports being able to handle stress a lot better now, too.

“No more worries about passing out, and I am able to exercise again!  I am so very happy that I am pain free.  I recommend this care to everyone!”


Sari suffered from severe left sciatic pain, neck nerve pain and headaches.  Before coming to our office, she had tried physical therapy, pain killers, acupuncture, and cortisone shots.

With her atlas corrections, her pain has significantly improved. She is now not in a fog of constant pain, and she is hopeful to return to fitness without severe consequences.

After just about 8 months of care, Sari reports her overall progress to be 80% better.

Sari says, “Be patient!” Let your body heal itself.


Pat was finding it difficult to get in and out of his truck to do his job…could do little work without a chronic pain in his neck…loss of range of motion was a problem.  He had tried to solve his issues with over-the-counter pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs.  Friends told Pat about Atlas Spinal Care.

With NUCCA care, Pat’s neck is 80% better.  He can do the work and activities he needs to do.  There is also major improvement with his right arm and lower back pain.

Pat says, “Try NUCCA and let your body heal itself.  Try to get off the drugs that only relieve symptoms while causing other collateral damage.”


Michelle’s vertigo is 90% better.
Michelle suffered from vertigo for 22 years.  She, also, had developed hip and leg pain.  The “vertigo was incapacitating,” she reports.  She did some research into vertigo and inner ear ailments and found NUCCA care.

Following NUCCA care, her vertigo is 90% better.  Movement is easier, especially getting up and down.

“I feel much better and I’m living without pain.  I have had other chiropractic care, but this has had the best result.”


Michelle has experienced severe headaches for 13 years, every single day. A medical doctor referred her to Atlas for NUCCA care.

Since being under NUCCA care, her headaches are much less severe…70% better.

She says: “The proof is in the x-rays.  I can see that my body is healing itself, actively”.


Melissa was in so much pain from a herniated disc in her low back that she had to drop out of nursing school.  She couldn’t even drive her car.  Melissa had epidurals, physical therapy and acupuncture treatments with no relief in pain.  The medical doctors suggested surgery.

Melissa turned to the internet and found Atlas Spinal Care.  With NUCCA care, her herniated disc pain is 90% better.  Melissa says that she has virtually zero pain.

Melissa is back to walking, hiking, riding bikes, and driving without pain.  She is returning to school to become a nurse.  She says, “Please give Atlas a chance.  There is no need to live with pain.”


Linda found it hard to walk up and down stairs or to stand for more than 5 minutes at a time.  She has Parkinson’s disease, with Scoliosis and Osteoarthritis in her back and hips.  Linda has had general chiropractic treatments and physical therapy.  She met Dr. Flory at a Parkinson’s meeting.

With NUCCA care, Linda’s sciatica pain is gone.  She is walking better and can stand for longer periods of time.

“My hips are level, now.  Try it!  NUCCA will relieve at least one or more of your problems.”


Lenore came to us feeling very imbalanced. This made her walking very dangerous and unstable, and at 93 years old, she felt the need to be extra careful. She had previously gone to physical therapy, but that didn’t help her much. Since starting her NUCCA care, Lenore feels more confidence in herself, she feels secure, and life now has more of a meaning. She can now do her crafting, as she did before with no problems. She says she has improved by about 80%! Lenore says…“First of all, the staff at Atlas Spinal Care are very much interested in each person, as an individual. They deserve all the credit they can get. I know coming here, I will get the best care possible. They are always willing to spend extra time with me and answer all of my questions. I would recommend the care they offer to anyone who needs it. They are a blessing.”


Vertigo, stiff neck, shoulder and lower back pain were affecting Lawrence’s life “tremendously”.  He stretched, did rehab, used muscle relaxers with little result.  Lawrence met Dr. Weiss at the Lemon Festival.  He decided to give NUCCA care a try.

With NUCCA care, Lawrence’s vertigo is 80% better.  His neck and shoulders are not nearly as stiff.  The lower back pain has diminished.

“I am able to participate in various activities previously not able to engage in.  If anyone has the type of issues I had, please give it NUCCA a try.”


Kaylla is a gymnast and she was having trouble balancing on the bars and the beam.  She was experiencing headaches and feeling unstable.  This was affecting her daily.

After a short few months seeing our doctors at Atlas Spinal Care, she no longer has headaches and is doing much better on the beam and the bars.  She now enjoys gymnastics even more!

Kaylla’s Mother says… “It really helps!  This made my daughter much happier!”