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Yvette was concerned about her sore neck and the tingling down her arm.  This was causing stress in her life.  She tried massage and stretching to alleviate her discomfort.  This didn’t give her sustained relief.  A friend told her about NUCCA care.

With NUCCA care, Yvette is experiencing no more numbness in her arms.  Her upper back is 90% improved.  Her neck and arms are much better.

Yvette is happy to report that she feels much better!


Ursaline’s neck pain is 70% better and headaches are gone.
Ursaline was in an auto accident…she developed symptoms of pain in her neck, head, and upper and lower back.  She was unable to function effectively due to the pain.  She tried general chiropractic and massage therapy before coming to our clinic.

With Atlas Specific Chiropractic care, Ursaline has noticed dramatic improvements.  Her pain is gone, and the pressure which was being applied to an integral part of her nervous system has been relieved.

Ursaline is more energetic, cheerful, and confident that the flow of energy is on its natural course.

Ursaline says…“If you want to operate from a place of well-being and optimal health, NUCCA with its gentle touch, and natural care is the way to go!”


Kathryn was experiencing upper back pain, numbness, headaches and high blood pressure.  This limited her activity and it affected her ability to care for her baby.  Before coming to our office, she had tried muscle relaxers and massage therapy with temporary relief.

After 6 months of care her back pain is completely gone.  She has no more headaches, and she has been able to cut her blood pressure medicine in half.  She is now able to exercise without pain and is able to play with her daughter more.

Kathryn says…“NUCCA allowed me to actually live again, and not be burdened with pain.  I have been free to enjoy living with my husband and daughter.  No side effects, just a healthier body!”


Jon was dealing with a great amount of pain in his shoulder, as well as other parts of his body.  This pain was making it difficult for him to reach any of his fitness goals.  He kept a healthy diet, and exercised regularly, but the pain was still there.

Jon met one of our doctors at an event in Upland.  As a result, he decided to give NUCCA a try.

Since receiving NUCCA care, Jon feels 90% better.  Jon is able to do various activities at a level of competition that he had been looking for!

“Overall I feel much batter. I am running, rock climbing, and doing other activities that I had not been able to do in 30 years!”



Jenny was very depressed because she couldn’t sit for long periods of time to perform her job…pain would settle in her neck, shoulder and especially her pelvis.  Jenny was really stressed.  She tried physical therapy, psychotherapy, medication, yoga and pain relievers…no help.  Her sister told her about NUCCA care.

With NUCCA care, Jenny is now on her way to recovery.  Her shoulder and pelvic pain are 70% better.  She is less anxious and has better posture.

She says that she has a better mood and feels less stress.  “It doesn’t hurt to try and you might be surprised at the result.”


Falling down was becoming a problem for Greg.  His hips were so tight that he couldn’t pick up his feet.  In cold weather, he lost circulation and feeling in his right hand.  Greg had tried orthopedists, neurologists, and general chiropractors…nobody could help him.  Friends from church told Greg about NUCCA care.

NUCCA care has given Greg 100% feeling in his hand!  His hips are 80% better, allowing him to walk, hike and ride horses again.  The pain in his neck, shoulders and lower back are better, too.

Greg says, “I don’t know if it works for everyone, but it did for me.  It has been an incredible blessing.”


10 year old GeorgePaul had been suffering with 10+ ear pain for five months.  He was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia.  He could not go to school or even leave the house because his attacks occurred every 10 minutes…often lasting 30 minutes to an hour.

Anti-seizure medication only brought his pain down to an 8/10 severity.  GeorgePaul had seen a neurologist, a traditional Chinese doctor, a general chiropractor, and five neurosurgeons.  He was preparing for experimental brain surgery to alleviate his pain.

Five days after NUCCA care, his ear pain was gone, 100%.  GeorgePaul is off all medication & has been pain free for 2 ½ years now!

Now GeorgePaul is a fully functioning, 11 year old boy.  He is back in school and outside of the house whenever possible.  His mother says, “NUCCA is the only thing that took away the pain.”


Severe pain in the right hip and leg would make Geneva bed-ridden for 6 weeks at a time.  She couldn’t enjoy many things.  Geneva had cortisone shots and bed rest with little letup from her pain.  Her orthopedic doctor suggested surgery.  Then, Geneva heard about NUCCA from her daughter.

NUCCA care has lessened the frequency and severity of Geneva’s episodes.  Since starting her care, she has not been restrained to bed at all. She can feel her body healing itself. “Although not 100%, I feel the worst has been avoided.”


Geneva suffered with lower back pain for 5 years.  She was afraid to fly or sit for long periods of time because the pain would become so intense. Conventional medicine, pain relievers and muscle relaxers did not help.  A friend told her about NUCCA care. She also had migraine headaches, neck pain, and shoulder pain.

Two weeks after beginning NUCCA care, her low back pain was gone.  Geneva has seen 80% reduction in her headache, neck, shoulder, and lower back pain.  She even notices less pain in her knee.

Geneva is happiest that when she tweaks her back it recovers quickly on its own now. “I like the non-invasive NUCCA care!”


Emily came to us because of pain and scoliosis. She had been taken out of PE at school due to brace issues and spasms. “Now I can participate in any sport I choose!” She reports her progress at 90% overall, with much less back pain, numbness, and headaches. Even her acid reflux has gone away!

Emily says…to others considering NUCCA care…

“DO IT!!!  It’s so simple, no pain, and it just makes sense!  It’s the best procedure for anything that you might suffer from!  I wish I knew about it years ago because I would have been doing it all along.  It’s the only procedure I’ve done that actually has given me the results I needed to live a healthier life.”