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Elma suffered from lower back pain and she had no energy.  Before coming to our office, she had tried pain pills and massage.

With her atlas corrections, her pain has reduced significantly.  She can now sit through a movie, play on the floor with her pre-school class and go for walks.  After just three months of care, Elma reports her overall progress to be 80% better.

Elma says, “I’m a diabetic which the doctors did not know.  Since I have been receiving NUCCA care it seems I’m not diabetic, I no longer use insulin and my glucose numbers are great.  I don’t feel sick anymore, and my legs no longer hurt.  Thank you so much for curing me!”


Eleanor was having difficulty walking due to her lower back, leg and foot pain.  Her balance was uneven and she had “sleepless” nights.  Eleanor had tried exercising with bands and small weights with no relief.  She heard Dr. Flory speak at a meeting and decided to try NUCCA.

With NUCCA care, Eleanor is sleeping better.  Her balance has improved and she is standing straighter.  Eleanor reports that she is more relaxed, has improved coordination, and she has much less pain.


Darby came to us suffering from chronic and debilitating headaches and upper neck pain.  The headaches prevented her from being able to focus or really enjoy herself at all from day to day.  Before coming to our office, she had visited “run of the mill” chiropractors and massage therapists which at best, gave her momentary relief.

Since Darby’s first correction her headaches have been eradicated and her focus and passion for life have returned in such a way that she shall make up for any lost time from pain.  The care she has received has improved every aspect of her day to day functioning.

Darby says…“If you have tried to find a doctor who specializes in your problem but came away unsatisfied, look for someone who acknowledges the function of the whole body.  Look for someone who understands you are a human and not just a skeletal system.  This is one reason I love Atlas Spinal Care!”


Brigette was taking Motrin 3-5 times per week to control her sciatic pain and neck and shoulder pain.  Brigette was not always able to play with her 2 and 5 year old boys because of this pain.

She had tried physical therapy with little relief.  Being a math and science teacher, the physics behind NUCCA made sense.

Brigette reports her sciatic pain is now completely gone.  Her neck and shoulder pain is not only more than tolerable, but continues to improve!

Brigette says: “I was hopeful my pain would decrease…it is amazing how little pain I have at all anymore!”


Betty twisted her back.  She could barely bend down or walk without pain.  Betty went to both a general chiropractor and a physical therapist, but… “it only made the pain worse.”  She had just about given up, when a friend told her about Atlas Spinal Care.

Upon receiving NUCCA care, Betty’s hip and leg are 90% better.  She is now able to bend down and walk without pain.

“I would recommend and encourage anyone to come here.  My life and energy have improved so much.”


Yvette was unable to engage in normal activities like other people her age enjoy because of intense lower back, and neck pain.  Going out for her was difficult because she was always concerned with her pain.

After a short few months, Yvette’s back pain has significantly improved, 80% better.  She is able to sleep at night, has more energy, and is able to be more active.

Yvette says…“Do not get discouraged because I know how easy it is to get frustrated when other treatments aren’t working.  It impacts you emotionally, but I would encourage others to try NUCCA care, it can improve your health and overall well-being!”



Terrance has Parkinson’s disease.  This began over 20 years ago, and more recently his mobility and balance were worsening.  He had numbness and tingling in his left leg, and was getting leg cramps.  He is on medication for his illness.  A friend with Parkinson’s shared about NUCCA care.

With this care, Terrance has seen improvements.  His balance is 80% better.  The numbness and tingling in his leg is 70% better, and the leg cramps don’t last as long with less discomfort.

The biggest change is in mobility.  Terrance finds it easier to move around, and he has more energy.


Susan complained of shoulder and knee pain.  She was very uncomfortable feeling “painful pins and needles the entire length of her arms.”  Headaches were a problem, as well.  She tried to lose weight and used pain killers to resolve her troubles.  A friend told her about NUCCA care.

On receiving NUCCA care, Susan “rarely gets pins and needles, and there is absolutely no shoulder pain!”  Susan’s knees are 90% better, and her headaches are gone!

“I am getting yard work done, doing a lot more walking at events and taking hikes. This is the best investment I’ve made in years!”


Susan complained of pain in her left arm, lower back and right shoulder.  She was very uncomfortable and had trouble sleeping.  She tried to alleviate the pain with naproxen.  A relative suggested that she try NUCCA care for relief.

With NUCCA care, Susan’s pain in her left arm and shoulder is resolved completely.  Her lower back and right shoulder are seeing improvement, 60-80% better.  And her neck grinding has gone away!


Soumaya’s upper body stiffness and headaches had made her sick all the time.  She had seen “tons” of doctors who couldn’t figure out what was wrong.  They diagnosed her as having Sarcoidosis.  “I was depressed and felt like I was losing my life quality, plus I couldn’t participate in activities that I enjoy.”

A local healthcare practitioner told her about Atlas Spinal Care.  With NUCCA care, the Sarcoidosis and her mystery illness are 100% better.  She is more energetic and all of the pain and headaches are gone.

“I’m back to working out, and I can keep up with my kids again!  This is an amazing form of chiropractic care.”