Clayton’s severe neck and upper back pain due to having spasmodic torticollis caused him to try general chiropractic adjustments, massage, and acupuncture for relief…none came.  He says, “It has caused much pain, limited head turning, and a significant reduction in energy.”

Clayton’s search for help led him to read about NUCCA in a Google Search for neck pain.  “A Google search led me to Atlas Spinal Care!

Now, with his Atlas precisely realigned, his spasmodic torticollis is significantly better.  “I feel much calmer and an overall 70% reduction in muscle tension in my back and neck.  I have more energy and an improved outlook on life.  I can handle work, chores and hobbies much better now.”  And he sleeps better.

Clayton encourages, “Try it!  It is completely painless.  The body has its best opportunity to heal, when the atlas is aligned.”