Darby came to us suffering from chronic and debilitating headaches and upper neck pain.  The headaches prevented her from being able to focus or really enjoy herself at all from day to day.  Before coming to our office, she had visited “run of the mill” chiropractors and massage therapists which at best, gave her momentary relief.

Since Darby’s first correction her headaches have been eradicated and her focus and passion for life have returned in such a way that she shall make up for any lost time from pain.  The care she has received has improved every aspect of her day to day functioning.

Darby says…“If you have tried to find a doctor who specializes in your problem but came away unsatisfied, look for someone who acknowledges the function of the whole body.  Look for someone who understands you are a human and not just a skeletal system.  This is one reason I love Atlas Spinal Care!”