You Were Born To Be Healthy

There is an increasing awareness that all forms of health care fall into one of two perspectives: vitalism and mechanism. Vitalism is based on the premise that an intelligence exists that organizes physical matter and is responsible for the creation and maintenance of life. Mechanism claims that life began by chance and our existence is merely limited to material causes and mechanical properties.

Vitalism vs. Mechanism

The vitalistic practitioner is attentive to the whole person and determining the underlying causes of malfunction (or a lack of harmony) in the body. Identifying these causes, a person can choose supportive methods of care that will enrich normal, natural function. Discovering these causes of disharmony enables a person to make different lifestyle choices and literally choose to be healthy.

The mechanistic provider is focused on diagnosing conditions and eliminating symptoms. These providers may prescribe drugs or may use alternative therapies. Despite the method used, the intent is to treat the symptom. Although feeling better quickly may seem appealing, neglecting the cause of the problem allows for continued malfunction. And treating symptoms without correcting the cause of the problem often disrupts or limits the body’s normal healing process.

Today, parents are more disturbed than ever about the adverse effects medications can have on their children. Parents are increasingly questioning their doctors, “Is this really the best option for my child? Isn’t there a safer alternative?”

Parents are often reluctant to merely mask symptoms with drugs and are troubled about side effects. Their wish to pursue a state of true health has led parents to seek health care options which enhance their children’s own natural ability to be healthy.

Healthy By Choice, Not By Chance

This is the intent of Chiropractic care. Based on a major premise that recognizes the natural process of healing, the purpose of Chiropractic care is to identify that which interferes with natural health, correct the cause and support our innate ability to be well. Chiropractic was founded on principles congruent with the vitalistic paradigm.

The Chiropractic Family Wellness Lifestyle is defined as intentionally making health choices from the vitalistic perspective. In other words, with the knowledge and trust in the body’s ability to heal, we as parents can choose methods of health care that are supportive not suppressive. We can choose care for our families that will enhance normal body function, rather than treatments that simply cover up symptoms. We can make lifestyle choices that heighten the way the body was designed to heal.

Reprinted from the San Dimas Community News & Glendora Community News