NUCCA Spinal Care

Heal Naturally & Enhance Your Quality of Life through

Gentle Proven Care

For Adults and Children



Only 250 doctors in the world are trained in this unique type of spinal care. We use sophisticated calculations to find and remove nerve interference at the base of the skull. The Results are astounding. People often travel hours to see us, and are glad they did.

1. We Measure

15 Minute Consult, 3-D Posture, 3-D Digital X-rays We sit down with you to talk about your goals, and to rule out other causes. We then gently measure your body posture in 3D for signs of previous spinal injury (spinal misalignment and muscle imbalance). If these signs are present, we take Digital X-rays of the base of your head (at the level of the Atlas bone) in 3D to calculate your exact misalignment.

2. We Gently Correct

Custom Analysis, Gentle Correction, Post-Measurements We discuss your misalignment and how to correct it. The correction feels like a gentle pressure under your ear as you lie on your side. You are then remeasured and your misalignment is re-imaged to confirm proper correction. Many patients feel some relief during the very first correction, while some notice changes later in their care.

3. You Stabilize & Heal

Monitor Healing, Stability and Remodeling. We monitor your healing and spinal stabilization. Your spine begins to straighten, the highway between your brain and body opens. Tissues begin to heal, and your spine begins to strengthen. You begin to be able to do things you haven’t done in years. Your healing time will depend on the tissues damaged, and length of injury.

See the NUCCA Correction in 3D