1. Accidents and Injuries Old injuries can weaken the structures around the Brain and Nervous system, allowing them to misalign. Misalignments at the base of the head (Upper Cervical Spine) have been shown to cause changes in the way the Brain and Nervous system control the body.

2. Reduced Function Nerve flow and circulation between the brainstem and the body becomes altered. This causes an increase in muscle tone along one side of the body, stressing the shoulder, spine, pelvis and hips. It also begins to affect the Autonomic Control of the internal organs of the body.

3. Increasing Pain and Degeneration Over time, pain develops throughout the body and joints begin to age prematurely leading to arthritis and degeneration. Dysrupted Autonomic control can develop into chronic asthma, allergies, high blood pressure, digestive problems, acid reflux, fatigue and many other symptoms.

Effect #1 Chronic Pain Over time, chronic pain develops in the body. Headaches, joint and muscle pain become increasingly worse. Your discs start to bulge. You feel like you are “getting old” or your body is “falling apart.” You MD recommends drugs, cortisone shots, or surgery.

Effect #2: Varying Health Issues Your Autonomic System is not working right, so different functions begin to break down. You may start to get vertigo, headaches, brain fog, ringing in the ears, asthma, low immune function, chronic allergies, acid reflux, hear palpitations, digestive problems, fatigue, or other “unrelated” symptoms.

Effect #3: A Mix of Both You may have a combination of symptoms and try different drugs, surgeries, general chiropractors, or alternative health therapies. If you think you may have signs of an Upper Cervical Misalignment, there is hope. Get 15 minutes with the doctor free today!







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