Correcting Your Child’s Scoliosis

We know it may be tempting to use what seems to be a quick fix, such as back surgery, for your child’s scoliosis, but we would like to make an argument for correcting any misalignments in their upper two vertebrae before you consider scoliosis surgery.
Scoliosis Surgery
In order to make that argument, it’s important to understand the two types of spinal fusion surgeries that may be performed on your child.
Scoliosis and the Posterior Surgical Approach
The first type of surgery is the Posterior Surgical Approach, which is making a long incision along the back, the length of the Thoracic Spine. This approach consists of:

Removing the muscles from the spine
Inserting screws and rods to reduce the curvature
Using the bone from a parent, the child’s hips, or a cadaver to fuse the spine together

In children 10 to 12 years of age, the surgeon may also recommend an anterior release of the disc space. This involves the removal of the disc from the anterior column, which is the part of the spine facing the front of the body, so the child can continue to grow. The bone can then be added to the disc space to be fused together.
Scoliosis and the Anterior Surgical Approach
The other approach is to make the incision in the front, but this is only an option for those who have scoliosis at the thoracolumbar junction, which is the junction between the mid-spine and the lower-spine.

This involves an open incision in the front and the removal of a rib
The diaphragm may also be released from the chest wall and spine for a better view of the thoracic and lumbar spine
The discs are removed to loosen the spine
Screws are placed in the vertebral bodies
Rods are used to […]

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Your Child and Scoliosis

So, your child was just diagnosed with Scoliosis, and you want to know more about what it is. Well we put together some facts about it that you will want to know, as well as how you can care for it.
Scoliosis Facts

It’s the sideways curvature of the spine
It mostly occurs during prepubescent growth spurts
It can result from Cerebral Palsy and Muscular Dystrophy
Most often, no one is sure what the cause is
Severe cases can be disabling
It can lead to respiratory problems

Cause of Scoliosis
Well, medical doctors struggle to define what causes the most common type of Scoliosis, Idiopathic Scoliosis. It occurs from the ages of 10 to 16, during growth spurts, and usually does not continue into adulthood. But there are three other types.
Types of Scoliosis

Congenital – This is caused by an abnormality of the bones during birth
Neuromuscular – This is caused by abnormal muscles or nerves. It is common in people with spina bifida, cerebral palsy, or other conditions that result in or are accompanied by paralysis
Degenerative – This is possibly the result of bone collapse, back surgery, or Osteoporosis

Correcting Scoliosis
Now, chances are you were given the options of having your child wear a brace or have back surgery. A brace may be suggested for adolescents who have a curvature of 25º to 40º. This is a possible option for adolescents with two or more years of growing, and its purpose is to halt the progression of the curvature of the bones during growth. Though, once the brace is removed, curvature will continue.

Another option is back surgery, which is an option for those with a curvature of 40º to 50º, and is meant to permanently fuse the vertebrae (spinal fusion) by using metallic implants to […]

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Why is my kid always sick?

Same Problem, Different Responses
Previously on this blog we have discussed how an overactive immune system can lead to allergies and other problems. But, a misalignment that affects the nervous system can also lead to an under active immune system.  Different children can be affected differently based on their body’s reaction and adaptation.

Does it seem that every month your child is sick with the cold or flu?

Why is that?
The Main Power Source
Where the brain and spinal cord come together at the top of the neck is the main control of our immune system.  Think of it like a fuse box.  If the top of the spine is misaligned it’s like tripping that main breaker switch, nothing will work right down below, the power is altered.

Accidents and injuries can lead to a twisting and turning of the bones in the upper neck and change the way the brain and immune system reacts. A gentle correction of this misalignment restores proper nerve control to the immune system and symptoms improve naturally.

Many of our patients rarely if ever get sick with colds or flu’s.

Are you ready for your family to live healthier?
To find a doctor in your area go to or if you are in the Upland, California area to schedule a consultation, just click the button below:

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Dr. Tymothy Flory, Dr. James Weiss and Dr. Jameson Wong of Atlas Spinal Care in Upland, California are Upper Cervical Specialists trained by the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA). Their upper cervical clinic also serves Claremont, La Verne, San Dimas, Glendora and surrounding areas. They are uniquely trained to correct problems in the upper cervical spine (upper neck). […]

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Natural Allergy Relief For Children in Upland, California

The Medical Approach to Allergies
10% of all children are struggling with allergies. When you examine the medical approach to treating children with allergies you will see that nearly all of the options are focused on choosing medications.

Medical doctors who specialize in allergies will use antihistamines to relieve itching, sneezing and runny noses, decongestants for stuffy noses a variety of topical nasal sprays and allergy shots, which frequently are given on a weekly basis.

All the medications that are given are focused on treating the symptoms associated with the allergies.

But what is causing all of the allergies?
A Natural Allergy Approach
If your child is struggling with allergies and it seems like they are always sick it may be that they have an overactive immune system.

Why is it that 2 children can be exposed to the same environment and have 2 completely different reactions?

Our amazing nervous system controls are immune system. When there is interference with the function of the nervous system the immune system doesn’t work right.

Small injuries at the top of neck disrupt the brain’s ability to properly regulate immunity leading to an overreaction by the immune system.

These injuries in children are frequently caused by birth injuries, car accidents, falls, sports injuries and more.

A gentle NUCCA correction of a brainstem misalignment restores proper nerve control to the immune

system and symptoms improve naturally.

Are you ready to say goodbye to the drugs and Kleenex and finally get to the cause of the problem?

Then you are ready for NUCCA.

To schedule your NUCCA evaluation, click here.

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Dr. Tymothy Flory, Dr. James Weiss and Dr. Jameson Wong of Atlas Spinal Care in Upland, California are Upper Cervical Specialists trained by […]

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Asthma? Natural Relief for Kids in Upland, California

Natural Asthma Approach
Are you looking for a natural way to improve the health of your asthmatic child?

Do you want to see your child feel better, get back to a normal life, and avoid expensive drugs?

If the answer is yes, then this article may be what your family has been looking for.

At the Atlas Spinal Care we help your child’s body do what was made to do, be healthy. We specialize in a unique form of care that is ideal for children, known as NUCCA.  NUCCA stands for the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association and is focused on correcting misalignments at the top of the neck that interfere with the brain’s nerve flow to the rest of the body.

These upper neck misalignments are frequently caused by accidents and injuries including; injuries during the birth process, falls, sports injuries, auto accidents, and more.

One of the ways that misalignments can affect the body is by affecting the breathing system.

Does your child struggle to breathe?

Do you dream of your child just being able to run around with the other kids?

Asthma affects 22 million people in the United States, including 6 million children.

The most common approach is focused on drugs to control symptoms.  Common drugs prescribed for asthma are rescue inhalers and corticosteroids. These types of drugs can have serious side effects, including delaying or stunting growth and decreasing bone density.

The incredible nervous system controls breathing from the brainstem at top of the neck.  Small injuries called misalignments at the top of neck disrupt the brain’s ability to properly regulate breathing, creating an imbalance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic portions of the nervous system.

A gentle correction of this misalignment restores proper balance in the nervous system and symptoms improve […]

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Overactive and innatentive kids: three things to know

Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) are also known as overactive and inattentive behavior.

What are the three things you should know about this behavior from a more natural perspective?
1) The major treatment for ADD/ADHD is a class II controlled substance.
For many children the treatment of choice in ADD/ADHD is the use of behavior modifying drugs like Ritalin (Methylphenidate). This treatment option is often supported by classroom teachers, administrators, and parents who are just trying to help the child’s behavior.

They just want him or her to be able to concentrate and learn, or at least stop disrupting the classroom.

For many doctors, educators, and psychologists, Ritalin appears to be a trustworthy tool, especially when combined with counseling. They see nothing controversial about controlling behavior with pharmaceuticals.

However, for others, the thought of using these substances to control child behavior causes some worry.

After all drugs like Ritalin are class II controlled substances, which are habit forming, and whose long term effects we are just beginning to understand.
2) Toxicity in the child’s body, food, and environment can contribute to overactive and inattentive behavior.
Over the last 10 years searching parents, doctors, and nutritionists have sought the answer for the rise in ADD/ADHD, and come to a startling conclusion.

They believe that a combination of the following is playing a major role in the disruptive child’s behavior:

• Nutritional deficiencies in vital nutrition, particular in necessary fatty acids

• Exposure to heavy metals and environmental toxins, through prior medical intervention, through chemicals in the home environment, or even passed along in the womb from mother to child

• Toxic levels of food additives which over-excite parts of the immune system in those who are susceptible

If you think toxicity and child behavior […]

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