What is NUCCA?

NUCCA simply stands for the national upper cervical chiropractic association.  NUCCA is a specific chiropractic technique that specializes in upper cervical spine correction. NUCCA is very unique compared to other corrective treatments because it uses a gentle touch technique which is completely non-invasive. The NUCCA procedure is designed to free the nervous system of any and all interference and optimize stability and recovery.

If you want to feel better now, then it’s important to nurture your body’s central nervous system. All human functions are affected by the central nervous system, which is why the NUCCA procedure focuses primarily on this area. When your central nervous system is compromised, there are several ailments that can occur over time. That’s why the NUCCA technique is vital to keep your health optimal, and your well-being intact.

Created in 1966 by chiropractor Dr. Ralph Gregory, NUCCA is simply the acronym for the national upper cervical chiropractic association. It’s a style of upper cervical correcting based primarily upon the work that he and Dr. John Grostic did in the ’60s.




How Does NUCCA Work?

The brain and spinal cord are the main parts of the central nervous system. This system is crucial in optimally regulating the body, regulating glands, muscle functions, and other organ functions that are performed by the body autonomously. When you have a subluxation of any of the vertebra of the spine, our specialists can see that there’s a clear interference between the brain and bodies ability to communicate effectively.

Essentially NUCCA is all about helping the body achieve stability and recover from any injuries if the body is feeling out of sorts. NUCCA can also potentially relieve symptoms for many common ailments. Even conditions that are believed to be without a cure or degenerative in nature.

Don’t suffer any longer, consider undergoing a NUCCA evaluation and then a possible correction if necessary. No matter what your age is, take the time to optimize your health by making sure that the connection from your body to the brain is properly aligned. NUCCA is one of the best steps you can take today towards a healthier life.


Atlas Subluxation Causing Interference

This interference between the brain and body causes many complications to arise. Commonly these symptoms of interference include issues like headaches, shooting pains, body aches, and muscle spasms. There are also more serious disorders that can arise are like autoimmune disorders. As we’ve mentioned, these health complications are usually due to a lack of sufficient communication between the body and brain. In order to remove this interference, the NUCCA specialist is going to gently and precisely tap on the cervical vertebra.

Keep in mind the NUCCA technique utilizes an ultra-precise system of spinal analysis based entirely on math and physics, this combination is perfect to remove any interferences in the body. In order to bring the neck and head back into proper alignment, the NUCCA technique calculates the precise corrective force and specific pressure areas that are necessary to do so.

After the NUCCA adjustment is applied, the atlas is naturally going to go back into proper alignment. This will ultimately cause the brainstem to reduce stress between the brain and the spinal cord. Your body’s ability to regulate and communicate between the brain and body will be improved. So now that we see that the spinal cord is aligned with the brainstem and the brainstem has been adjusted to the brainstem is not misaligned and the subluxation has gone. Any misalignment of the spine’s vertebra will produce stress on the brainstem, causing very common complications to arise.


Benefit From NUCCA Care

After a NUCCA adjustment is carefully applied to the transverse process, the misalignment returns back to its normal orientation. Improving the neurological interference occurring in the body simply allows the body to communicate with the brain in a much more efficient manner. To recap, one good NUCCA adjustment applied specifically to the transverse process of the cervical vertebra can affect the entire body profoundly. NUCCA allows the body to heal itself in a more sufficient manner without the use of drugs, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories or anything close to that.

The goal of NUCCA is to help you get feeling better as soon as possible.
So, now that you have a better understanding of what NUCCA is, and how it can help you today, please schedule a consultation now to learn more about this life-altering practice. If you’ve ever been curious about upper cervical chiropractic techniques, and want to find out if NUCCA is right for your situation, there’s no harm in trying the NUCCA technique.